Summer Camp

With over 50 years combined skateboard experience, Brian and Joe are the most qualified instructors out there. Joe has competed professionally and has a degree in education . They are both dads.

Combine these instructors’ expertise with a state-of-the-art private training facility and you get a camp experience like no other. Limited numbers of skaters ensure small groups so every skater gets the quality instruction they need.

Not only will skaters participate in group instruction each day, but they will also receive personalized instruction.

Monday – Thursday
9-9:15 Warm up and stretch
9:15-10 Group instruction
10-10:10 Water break and board repair workshop(each day will be a different topic)
10:15-11 Group instruction
11-11:10 Water break and skate culture talk ( topics: park etiquette, contest skating, sponsorship, history)
11:10-11:30 Learning-centered skate games
11:30-12 Unwind/Free skate. This time will also be used for one on one instruction.

After a hard week of skateboarding we will take a more relaxed approach to Friday.
9-9:15 Warm up and stretch
9:15-10 Group instruction
10-10:10 Water break
10:10-10:30 Contest warm ups
10:30-11:30 Longest grind, highest air, highest ollie, limbo, longest manual, tic-tac races.
11:30 – 11:45 Group photo
11:45-12pm  Free skate.

Camp rate is $225.00, 10% Military Discount.  Call  (904)-994 -0908  to reserve a spot!










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The Skate Yard, located in Atlantic Beach Florida, is the beaches only private training facility which offers a variety of programs for a safe skateboarding learning experience.